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bylined article writing service

Bylined articles are contributed, vendor-neutral pieces for trade or business publications. In them, the author, typically a C-level executive or an expert in their field, writes about topics pertinent to their industry, including:

  • How-to’s for solving a thorny problem
  • Opinions on current events
  • Analyses of recent statistics relevant to their space
  • Predictions about an aspect about their space, supported with research

Most bylined articles run between 800–1,200 words, although some run as long as 2,000 words. And the article, of course, features a byline from the author of the piece that includes their background and company information.

WriteTech Content has offered bylined article ghostwriting services for more than 10 years. As a result, we’ve seen how they can frame you as a trusted thought leader in your space. In addition, bylined articles build on that positioning as a lead generator that is further enhanced with complementary ebooks, white papers, blog posts and other related content we can craft for you.

Top 3 Benefits of Bylined Articles


A well-timed, well-written bylined article benefits you in three distinct ways:

It fosters trust. Bylined articles arguably are the purest form of marketing content. You must work within strict parameters of objectivity, which means you can never discuss your company or solutions in the piece. And you must write a piece that serves the interests or needs of that publication’s audience; otherwise, your pitch will be rejected! By providing useful insight without asking for anything in return, you prove you’re motivated to helping people without expecting a response from the reader. As a result, you build trust with readers, who see you as someone they might approach with related issues.

It increases visibility. Bylined articles indirectly increase your company’s visibility within your space, and you should plan regular submissions to a variety of relevant trade and business publications as part of your content marketing strategy. But they are especially helpful when you coordinate publication of your bylined article in conjunction with the introduction of a new product or service. By timing a bylined article so that it runs in tandem with press releases, surveys, blog posts, social media posts and other relevant content, you build credibility on search engines—and attract more attention from prospects.

It generates leads you might otherwise miss. Even the strongest demand-generation efforts can’t identify every lead. A bylined article in a respected publication may snag leads who aren’t actively looking for your solution. For example, let’s say you publish your bylined article in a respected IT-centric publication that many in your industry read to keep up with trends or bolster their knowledge. If your article explains, say, the business reasons for adopting a new cybersecurity solution, you’ve just given IT professionals a way to finally communicate these reasons to nontechnical decision makers in a way the latter can understand. When the time comes to research that type of solution, there’s a very good chance they’ll reach out to you first!

The Challenge of Staying Vendor-Neutral

Bylined articles face the same basic pitfalls of other marketing deliverables, including:

  • Rambling, repetitive copy
  • Failure to address the needs of readers
  • Needless complexity in topic, argument or description
  • No sources to back up your points

But contributed bylined articles also face an additional challenge: staying vendor-neutral. Although WriteTech Content recommends most marketing content should err on the side of being vendor-neutral, (except for deep in the sales funnel), you simply cannot blur this boundary when submitting a bylined article. No reputable publication will accept it.

News organizations strive for objectivity. They differentiate between editorial copy and advertising copy, and the moment you reference your company or solution, even obliquely, your article falls into the latter category and will be rejected.

This is a particular challenge for in-house experts, marketers and upper-level executives. You’re steeped in your solutions, and it’s hard to disregard all that information when writing.

WriteTech Content: Your Bylined Article Ghostwriter

In addition to time, effective bylined articles require some amount of distance from the subject matter (otherwise known as objectivity). That’s why WriteTech Content is your ideal ghostwriter for bylined articles. We have almost 20 years of experience writing news stories, feature stories, case studies and profiles for a number of trade publications. And we’ve interviewed countless subject-matter experts (SMEs) during that time.

When you hire WriteTech Content to be your ghostwriter for bylined articles, you get content experts who know:

  • What questions to ask your SME when developing the article
  • How to leverage research to support article arguments and subject matter
  • How to write the article in your SME’s voice
  • How to craft the article so that people read it
  • How to keep it vendor-neutral in content and tone

Think of us as a conduit to your thoughts and ideas. Taking your input, WriteTech Content produces bylined articles that are the best version of what you would have written on your own. And you can leverage that article to emphasize your expertise and deepen your trust with prospects.

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