B2B Copywriting Freelance Services

Find the Right Freelance B2B Copywriter

Looking for a freelance B2B copywriter who knows enterprise tech? A tech copywriter who transforms complex information into compelling stories? A storyteller who convinces your prospects they need your help?

Learn why WriteTech Content is the right freelance B2B copywriter and content strategist for all of your marketing content.

White Paper Freelance Writing Services

White Papers Clarify Complex Problems for Your Audience

White papers are the most succinct way of showing you understand your prospects’ problems and know how to solve them. They typically follow a problem/solution format, where a problem is spelled out and the solution offers actionable ways to solve that problem. Sometimes that will include discussing your company’s solution. But the focus should be on solving the problem, rather than touting your solution.

Learn how WriteTech Content takes your complex information dumps and transforms them into clear, engaging narratives that generate buzz—and leads!

Ebook Freelance Writing Services

Short-form and Long-Form: We Know the Difference

Ebooks are used to discuss complex topics in a variety of ways. Short-form ebooks oftentimes are used to introduce difficult concepts in an approachable, non-threatening way. Long-form ebooks typically are used to go into depth about a topic or group of topics. Both forms position you as a trusted resource for your prospects, as well as a thought leader.

Learn why WriteTech Content is your go-to source for ebooks short and long!

Bylined Article Ghostwriting Services

Improve Your Visibility And Authority

Bylined articles are a great way to increase your visibility, generate leads and position you as someone your potential leads can trust. But any bylined article written for an outside publication must stay vendor-neutral. Otherwise, it will be rejected or converted into pricy (and less valuable) sponsored content.

Rather than struggle with such strict parameters, consider outsourcing bylined articles to an experienced ghostwriter with distance from your company and offerings. A ghostwriter who turns your insights into the best version of the article you want to write.

Learn why WriteTech Content is your best source for ghostwriting your bylined articles.