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ebook freelance services

Ebooks refer either to short-form pieces, oftentimes used to introduce a complex topic, or traditional, long-form books in electronic form that may be published on Amazon.com or other distribution channels. WriteTech Content offers services for both long- and short-form ebooks.

Because we have offered ebook freelance services for over 10 years, we understand the ways ebooks can position you as a trusted resource to skittish nontechnical people or as a thought leader for professionals seeking a deeper understanding of a given topic. Moreover, ebooks are a great way to solidify your position in the marketplace, particularly when they’re used in conjunction with complementary blog posts, bylined articles, webinars and other related content.

The Two Types of Ebooks

Short-Form Ebooks: Remember when you were learning to read? If you were a typical American child, you probably read The Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham or other books that used pictures to clarify the context of those words. These books didn’t talk down to you, and they prepared you for the day when you had the cognitive ability to make sense of text alone.

In many ways, short-form ebooks serve a similar purpose. Let’s say one of the decision makers instrumental in buying your backup storage solution is an older C-level executive or board member without a technology background. He has a vague understanding of cloud computing, but he doesn’t understand why a public cloud-based service would benefit his company’s bottom line. An ebook on the top five benefits of using a public cloud service for backup and disaster recovery—not overly complex and chock full of relevant images and charts—gives him a baseline of understanding. And that understanding enables him to discuss the topic further with his more technically inclined colleagues and ultimately contribute to the company’s choice in vendor.

In addition, short-form ebooks can act as a great refresher for your marketing and sales staff who may have a basic understanding of complex high-tech concepts but who can’t recite specifics off the top of their heads. They can consult that ebook as a quick refresher and then offer it as a tool for prospects to reference.

Long-Form Ebooks: Long-form ebooks run at least 30,000 words and go in depth about a topic or a group of topics. Once completed, you can distribute these books through a number of different channels, such as Amazon.com.

While long-form ebooks obviously are a greater undertaking than other content deliverables, they offer the greatest potential payoff. An insightful, cogent ebook can transform you into a de facto thought leader on your area of expertise, something you can then leverage into interviews, speaking engagements and increased visibility for you and your organization.

Short-Form Ebooks Are Not White Papers!

There is a common misconception among content marketers that short-form ebooks are nothing more than white papers in landscape orientation. Although no rule exists preventing you from doing just that, treating an ebook as just a different flavor of white paper does the format and you a disservice. Unlike white papers, short-form ebooks do not have to be so intellectually rigorous. You can offer an ebook as a first step in understanding a topic or problem and then recommend a complementary white paper that offers a more in-depth look about an aspect of the problem they’re trying to solve.


Why So Many Ebooks Fail

Treating ebooks as bastardized white papers is one of many reasons why ebooks fail to accomplish their marketing goals. From our experience offering ebook freelance services, we find ebooks also fall prey to additional pitfalls, including:

  • Being needlessly complex in subject matter or design
  • Failing to address your prospects’ pain points.
  • Trying to tackle too many topics
  • Rambling and repetitive copy

When your leads download your ebook, they want to know three things:

  • You can answer their questions and address their worries.

  • They can trust you as a resource.

  • You have the tools they need to solve their problems.

How Our Ebook Freelance Services Help You Succeed

Writing an ebook takes time, something you probably don’t have. That’s why you need a B2B copywriter who can identify your target audience’s worries. A technology copywriter who can transform your information dumps into a narrative that will lead your audience to the solutions they crave. And you need approachable ebooks that give your prospects the tools to understand the problems they’re facing and engender trust in your organization to solve those problems.

At WriteTech Content, we have years of experience condensing large amounts of information from enterprise technology companies into content that resonates with your target audience. We understand the necessity of having a compelling story to tell. Moreover, we know the complexities of your space through years of experience writing for companies like yours. And finally, we know how to tell a story that leads your prospects from their deepest fears to a satisfying resolution that puts you top of mind.

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