White Paper Freelance Writing Services

White Paper Freelance Services

White papers offer a definitive way to illustrate difficult enterprise IT problems and ways to address them. In the 10 years we’ve provided white paper freelance writing services, we’ve seen how they can frame you as a trusted resource and thought leader in your space. And you can build on that authority by combining white papers with complementary blog posts, bylined articles and other related content that WriteTech Content can craft for you.

Definition of a B2B White Paper

The best definition of a B2B white paper comes from That White Paper Guy himself, Gordon Graham. He writes:

A white paper is a persuasive essay that uses facts and logic to promote a certain product, service, or viewpoint.

Hubspot has a similar definition:

A whitepaper [sic] is a persuasive, authoritative, in-depth report on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution.

Most B2B white papers, regardless of industry, follows the same general conventions:

  • They educate prospects about a specific challenge before a sale.
  • They are diligently researched, relying on credible sources for evidence.
  • They build their argument in a logical fashion, using that research to back up their points.

In addition, most B2B white papers follow the same general framework:

  • The final PDF version average about 5–10 pages, including a cover, table of contents and images.
  • They are designed in portrait mode (vs. landscape mode).
  • The word count typically ranges between 2,500 words and 5,000 words.
  • They begin with an abstract or executive summary of about 200–300 words describing its key takeaways.

White papers aren’t meant to be light reading. But at the very least, they should engage readers and speak to their needs.

Why So Many White Papers Fail

Too often, the average white paper makes readers want to claw out their eyes or jump off a building within a few lines of starting it. So, they stop reading and look somewhere else for information you are qualified to provide!

Why does this happen? Our experience offering white paper freelance writing services gives us a unique perspective on why this happens:

  • Your white paper is too long.
  • It tries to tackle too many topics.
  • It loses focus.
  • It rambles or is repetitive.
  • It doesn’t address your prospects’ pain points.
  • It lacks a sense of urgency.
  • It lacks a compelling narrative.

As a result, they’re boring. Dull. Monotonous. Mind-numbing.

Given the content available for any subject, including yours, a boring white paper will be ignored. Not only has all that time, effort and money gone to waste, you’ve squandered the trust of your leads.

And the next time those same leads come across your content, they may well disregard it, no matter how high it ranks in search results.

Why Good White Papers Must Tell a Story

Your leads don’t have time to waste on a boring white paper. After all, they have problems to solve and demand information that makes sense within their scope of needs.

Above all, they want to know two things:

  • You understand their problem.
  • You know how to solve it.

But whether they realize it or not, they also need a narrative. A story that implicitly puts them in the center of it. They have a problem, a big problem, and they need help. In your white paper you address the urgency of that problem, and you show them how to crack it. And in doing so, you show them how to succeed with their customers, their employees, their superiors.

In other words, you give them the potential for a happy ending. And that potential is what ultimately makes your white paper stand out to your audience.

How Our White Paper Freelance Writing Services Help You Succeed

We have no doubt you could write a white paper if given enough time. But writing takes time, something you probably don’t have. Moreover, it takes more than knowledge of a problem and its solution to write a successful white paper. You need to hire a white paper copywriter who can identify with your target audience’s pain points. A technology copywriter who can transform your information dumps into narratives that lead your audience to the solutions they crave. A B2B copywriter who writes concise white papers that describe how you can improve business outcomes for their organizations–and lead them to your products and services.

At WriteTech Content, we have years of experience condensing large amounts of information from enterprise technology companies into white papers that resonate with your target audience. We understand the necessity of having a compelling story to tell. Moreover, we know the complexities of your space through years of experience writing for companies like yours. And finally, we know how to tell a story that leads your prospects from their deepest fears to a satisfying resolution that puts you top of mind.

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