Sample Bylined Article: How to get CxOs to buy into your IoT project

This bylined article, written for Numerex and published in IoT news platform ReadWrite, shows how to articulate to CxOs the benefits of green-lighting your IoT project.

WriteTech Content’s process for ghostwriting bylined articles follows these steps:

First, we schedule a kickoff call to discuss topic of article, the publication it is intended for and goals for the piece. This call covers:

  • Determining the topic and length of the article so that it aligns with the publication’s readership
  • Confirming desired outcome of article, whether that is increased visibility and authority, fostering trust, generating leads or some combination thereof
  • Setting up 30–45 minute recorded interview with person whose byline will be on the article, typically a high-level executive or an SME (Subject-Matter Expert)

After the kickoff call, we research the topic using the client’s website and materials, third-party research and similar articles on the target publication site.

Based on this research, we develop questions for the interview with the SME. Our interviews ALWAYS end with the last question: Is there anything we haven’t asked you that you think bears mentioning?

Armed with a transcribed copy of the interview and background materials, we write the first draft of the article. After the client gives us feedback, we make edits as needed.

Then the client takes our final version and sends it off for publication.