Sample Blog Post: Why Do You Need MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Services?

This blog post is the first post of a four-post series by legal and cyber risk service provider UnitedLex on the need for MDR (Managed Detection and Response) Services.

WriteTech Content’s process for writing blog posts follows a similar process to producing bylined articles:1

First, we schedule a kickoff call to discuss the topic of the blog post (or series of blog posts), the audience it aims to target and the goals for the piece. This call covers:

  • The primary subject of the blog post, as well as its length2
  • Desired outcome of this post, such as improved visibility and authority, higher ranking in search engines and lead generation
  • Primary keywords for the post
  • SMEs (Subject-Matter Experts) to interview for the post for background information and voice, if it is to be a ghostwritten piece

After this kickoff call, we research the topic, using the client’s website and materials, third-party research and competitor resources, if relevant.

Based on this research, we develop questions for the interview with the SME. Our interviews ALWAYS end with the last question: Is there anything we haven’t asked you that you think bears mentioning?

Armed with a transcribed copy of the interview and background materials, we write the first draft of the post. After the client gives us feedback, we make edits as needed.

Then the client takes our final version and posts it on their blog. In some cases, the client may choose to republish this post on platforms like LinkedIn Publishing and Medium, among others.

  1. We research and conduct interviews for our blog posts so that they are at the same level of quality as a bylined article. ↩︎
  2. Blog posts vary greatly in length, from short 500-word pieces to posts of 2,000 words or more. Longer pieces tend to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). ↩︎